Since 1964 we have been serving the emergency needs of our community in response to life altering Disasters and accidents. Our area continues to see growth as this is a great place to live, work and play. But with growth, our department has had to make changes to meet the needs of the community that we serve with the help from great citizens like you. Over the last year we have constructed a training facility that allows all members to train in areas such as Confined Space, Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue and etc. We have also developed a specialized water rescue team that can utilize the departments kayaks and boats to serve the ten plus miles of river that is within our district, as this is becoming a more popular attraction with the new additions of an NC Wildlife access point and tubing/kayaking companies located in the district.


In the past year we were able to improve our North Carolina Department of Insurance rating from a class 4 to a class 3. This is very exciting news for our department as there was countless hours and hard work go into lowering this rating for our department and also for you as a taxpayer

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